A day in Blackpool.


About 6 years old that makes my daughter 7 at the time.


3 thoughts on “A day in Blackpool.

  1. Cool piece! But, can you sharpen the contrast of her face? It looks a little washed out…unless that’s just how it scanned or how she looked in the light of the camera. But, what a cool action shot…from a train window?

    1. Thank you. The face is a bit washed out on the photo and drawing.
      I was learning how the coloured pencils looked/worked as I went along and didn’t commit fully.
      Saying that it was a cold day and her face had lost it’s colour.
      To trying to change it now would make a mess I think.
      It is a action shot but not in the way you think. She is poking through a railing on the sea front as I took a photo on grey winding day.

      1. THAT was learning? You mean you aren’t experienced with pencil coloring? Wow. I just keep running into talents that dwarf mine.

        Hmm. Maybe some means of adding sunshine or a gloss to the facial area might give the impression of bright light on the image. That’s another idea.

        Well, is there a way you could copy the image and try applying color to the copy? Either digitally or add new depth to the copy and then scan that.

        Oh okay. It just looks like a train window view with the landscape flying by.

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